How much money do I need to open a Starz? Start-up costs are minimal, you will need very little equipment.

What are the franchise fees?The franchise fee is $23,500.00

Do I need to have a background in fitness or education? A background in fitness, sales  or education is a plus. While it is not required, we find that people who align with our mission really do well.

How much can I earn as the owner of a Starz Franchise? Starz profit margins can be up to 74%. What you will earn depends on the number of school partnerships you create and the number of students enrolled in each class.

What is the application and approval process? First, you will complete our Franchise application form. Upon approval we will then establish your exclusive territory. Next we will sign FDD (Franchise Disclosure Documents) and take payment. Finally, training will begin and you will be ready for launch!

What kind of training do I need? Starz provides online and in-person training upon purchase. This is required of all owners as they begin launching their business. Included in training will be launching your business 101,  in-classroom and curriculum guidance, marketing and school partnership support, hiring, training and building a team, and operating back-end systems.

How will Starz support my franchise? Starz measures our success on YOUR success. We provide initial training, owner’s manual, online training, as well as ongoing  support. It’s imperative to us that you are successful. Our current owners can attest to the strong corporate support they are provided.

Can I hire someone else to manage my franchise? Yes, many owners begin to release responsibility when their franchise is off the ground. If this interests you, Starz can help guide you in hiring and training a manager to operate your area with Starz Franchise.

How does Starz help children? Starz helps children develop fundamental skills that build confidence and esteem ultimately providing a path for children to lead healthier lives. We pride ourselves on being an education-based fitness provider where every class students acquire more skills and understanding than they had before. By building skills and nurturing self-esteem we are essentially setting children up for SUCCESS in their life!

How can Starz help schools? Starz is appealing to all because of how many activities we provide. Many companies only offer one subject while Starz offers many different curriculums. Why deal with 5 different vendors when Starz can serve all the schools’ fitness needs? Parents appreciate when their schools offer such activities, and are drawn to schools that offer The Starz Program. We also take care of everything! The schools do not have to worry about payments or enrollments, all Starz needs is a space, we do the rest!

How can Starz help parents? Starz is the ultimate convenience for parents. When their children participate in Starz classes at their school,parents no longer have to take their children to other activites after their work day!

How do I get started? Apply to be a SHINE MAKER below!