How long are classes?
Almost all of our classes are 45 minutes.

How often are classes?
Once A Week For The Entire School Year; September-June.

How much are classes?
Most area tuitions average $52 per month. 

If my child can't a attend class, do I have to still pay?
Yes.  Once your child is enrolled in Starz, this spot is reserved just for them.  

What is the cancellation process?
We require a 2 week written cancellation email.  Please email requests to .

What are the "extra" fees?
Fees vary location to location, but include a registration fee and fees to participate in optional events. 

What are the class sizes?
Classes range from 6 students to 10. Once our classes reach 10 students the class is full and your child will be added to a waiting list. In some rare cases class size could go over 10 in which case a second instructor or assistant would be provided. 

How do you communicate with the families?
Our main point of communication is via email. It is very important to check your emails from Starz and read them entirely. If you have gone a month without hearing from us via email please give us a call and make sure we have the correct email on file.

Do I need to purchase anything extra?
No, however for dance class we highly recommend you to purchase dance attire along with shoes. For our cheer classes we highly recommend royal blue and white pom-poms. 

Where can I purchase my child's pom-poms?
We recommend finding them online. is one option. Our colors are royal blue and white.

What color do the dance clothes and shoes have to be?
Any color that makes your child feel excited about dance class.